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Our motive is to create strong relationship with our customer. And try to provide with best and latest product to our customers. We value the trust you place on us. So we insist upon your reading these Terms of Use carefully and if you do not agree by this terms and privacy policy, you may wish not to use the site in any way.
We do not sell our own products or services but merely acts as a platform to other service - providers.

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The products on our site are sold by different sellers and manufacturer.All the sellers has their own different types of quality of products.Therefore company cannot guarantee for the quality of the product.
Prices for the Products are subject to change without any prior notice,as the prices are setup by the seller and manufacturer.

Company Shall accept bulk orders only if the customer will provide us with their PAN no. and GSTIN No.
No COD applicable for bulk order.

Shipping and Delivery

Our  logistics partner will make a maximum of three attempts to deliver your order. In these attempts, in case the User is unable to reach or does not accept delivery of products then the company reserves the right to cancel the order(s) at its discretion.
Sometimes, delivery may be delayed due to:

Road Blocks
Natural Calamities
Govt. Holliday
Flight delays
Political disruptions
other unforeseen circumstances

The Website shall not be responsible and will bear no liability in case of failure or delay for delivering the Products including any damage or loss caused to the Products.

No deliveries of the Products shall be made at the territorial area.

Return, Replacement and Refund

Return and exchange policy shall be applicable on our site only if the seller/Manufacturer Provide for the return and exchange facility on the product.

Exchange of Size can be availed only once. When making an order Please ensure that weather the product is exchangeable or not. As this policy is applicable only on Products that are exchangeable/return as mentioned on the product page.

In case of Size Exchange, the amount maybe differential, (if any) shall be forfeited. As it may apply irrespective of any increase or decrease in the price of the product being exchanged.

Please ensure that the items that are to be returned or exchange should be unused,unwashed,unstained,undamaged/defected and should be in their original condition with all their original packaging and tags.
Items without tags, Brand Tags, shoes box, Invoice Bill will not be accepted.

If the buyer wants to return the product as soon as possible, then you can return the package using any courier service. Before returning the package buyers are requested to read carefully our return policy.

If the Buyer gets the Certificate, the Buyer must inform Company in writing with a scanned copy of the Certificate to arrange a replacement.

No Exchange and return shall be applicable during Occasional sale like Durga Puja,Valentine Day,Republic Day,Holi, Pongal, Christmas,New Year Etc. As this are special offers.

Payments made via Credit /Debit Card Net banking shall be refunded using the same payment mode.

All refunds shall be made only in Indian Rupees.

Please note that Daily Uses are not exchangeable or refundable.

In case of wrong product delivered by company then it refundable/exchangeable.


Cancellation is acceptable only if request is made within 48hrs. of placing the order . Cancellation won’t be accepted if the cancellation process exceeds within the limited period as the orders would be communicated to our vendor/ seller/ merchants and they would initiate the process of shipping. If we receive a cancellation notice and the order has not been processed by us then we shall cancel the order and refund the entire amount according to your source of payment.
We don’t have cancellation policy for the orders that are placed under the same day delivery category.
Company shall not refund  the voucher,in the event of cancellation of order by the customer(if any used against such order)

By Company:
Please note that there maybe certain orders that we may be unable to accept and must cancel or refuse any order for some reason.

Cancellation of your product may include some reasons such as limitations on quantities,errors in product or pricing information .
Multiple orders placed for same product at the same address, depending on the product category
Bulk quantity of the same product ordered
Invalid address given in order details

We will contact and notify you if your order is cancelled.

If your order is cancelled after your credit/debit card has been charged then the said amount will be refunded in your card A/c.

If any types of voucher were used against such orders then the vouchers shall be pushed back into the users account in case of cancellation by company.


The user may browse the Website without registering. The user may visit the website and create an account by entering an email and password or using any social media website account to sign in. You are requested to sign up with a valid email address.  The Website will set-up an account and email with the details provided. A user can then access the account on the Website. A user can also create and update an account through Customer care Support.

The user shall be aware of sharing their Account details and password to any other person.

The users are requested to read in detail the Privacy Policy before sharing user information or creating an account.



The Website may contain links to other websites and resources.  Company has no control over such site

and resources and Website are not in any way responsible and doesn’t endorse an is not responsible or

liable for any content. Users are encouraged to read the terms of use and privacy policy of each and every

linked website. If users decide to access any of the third-party websites linked to the Website, you further

acknowledge and agree that company shall not be responsible for any damage or loss caused. And it is at

the risk of the users to access and use such linked websites and company shall not be responsible in any

manner whatsoever.


Eligibility for Membership :

This Service is not available for minors, or to any users that were suspended or removed from the system by Company for any reason.
Users may not have more than one account.
Maintaining more than one account by a User shall amount to fraudulent act on part of the user and attract actions. The Company owns no responsibility in any manner over any dispute arising out of transactions by any third party using your account/e-mail provided by you to the Company or payments made by your credit card by any third party

Prohibited and Restricted Items & End Users

Prohibited and restricted items must not be sold on this website,by the customs of the Government  Law.

Customer is responsible for confirming that prohibited and restricted items are not sent to Orderx7.com facility.

i.e.: Acidic,Caustic, weapons, Compressed Gas,Explosive,Flammable,Infectious,Inflammable ,Poison,Radioactive,Toxic, Volatile, any harmful product for human Etc.

As a registered seller, you are allowed to list items/products for sale on the site that are legally permitted to be sold.

You must ensure the listed items that are to be sold on this site should be provided with accurate description of the product.

Listing may only include text description, graphics and pictures that describe your item for sale. 

All listed items must be listed in an appropriate category on the Website and items must be kept in stock for successful fulfilment of sales.

The listing description of the item must not be misleading and must describe the actual condition of the product. You agree to refund any amounts that you may have received from the Buyer, if the item does not match the actual condition as described. You agree not to list a single product in multiple quantities across various categories on the Website.

To cover the costs for packaging and posting the items, sellers may charge reasonable shipping and handling fees.

It is the responsibility of seller for shipping the product to the point of delivery within 48hrs. Of receiving the order. In case our delivery partner is unable to receive the product for delivery than sellers may deliver the items to the buyer address.


Our Current mode of payments are:
Debit Cards
Credit Cards
Internet Banking
Any other mode of payment, as may be decided and made available on the Website.

Please note that payment can be made only in India Rupees.
All the above payment instruments must have been issued by entities operating in India and subject to Indian regulations.

Payment made by credit/debit card or by any other mode as mentioned above should be received by us on time (Excluding COD). In case for any reason we do not receive payment from the credit/debit card issuer or any user involved in any of the above payment modes, you agree to pay all amounts due upon demand by us.

Terms & Conditions for: Coupon's, Reward & Gift Voucher.

OrderX7 issues the Coupon periodically.
Coupon code can’t be reloaded.
Coupon code is valid for single purchase.
No two offers can be available simultaneously.
Valid for products value under rupees 599/-.(T&Cs Apply)
To avail this discount, please type the coupon code in the 'Coupon Code' box provided on the shopping bag page during checkout.
Coupon code shall not be applicable for the cancelled and exchanged product.

Reward point is offered for every purchase. [i.e. 100 reward points means Rupees 10/-]
Reward points shall be rewarded only when you login and purchase.
No Rewards points for guest customer.

No rewards points for the products value under Rupees 200/-.

After Utilizing the Reward Points while purchasing shall not be refunded if the item is cancelled or exchanged.

Gift Voucher:
E-Gift Voucher shall be valid only when you login and purchase.
E-Gift Voucher cannot be reloaded.
E-Gift Voucher is valid for one person.
E-Gift Voucher is valid for a period of 1 Month from its date of issue. (It’s Changeable)
E-Gift Voucher cannot be shared with any other person

Company reserve the right to terminate the scheme without any prior notice to its user. ORDERx7 reserve the right to deactivate any coupon code, voucher at any point of time.

Orders and Acceptance of Orders

When you make an order to purchase from our store, you will be notified with your order conformation receipt via SMS/email / push notification at your Contact no. or email provided to us by you at the time of order placement by us if your order is accepted.

Before accepting any order  we may require some additional verifications or information of our customer.Customers are requested to accurately provide the recipient’s name,contact information and shipping address at the time of order placement.

Before placing an order customers are requested to check the product description carefully. By placing an order for a product you agree to be bound by the conditions of sale and invitation of offer included in the item's description.

Tax & Billing: The sale price of our merchandise is inclusive of all Taxes and services such as packaging, delivery and logistic. The tax charged shall depend upon to the destination where the order has to be shipped. The tax rate applied to the order will be the combined tax rate for both state and local tax rates in accordance with the address where the order is being shipped. Company reserves the right to collect taxes for shipping charges wherever applicable, as in compliance with the Tax laws of the country.(Tax depends on law of Govt. Tax department product category)

Pricing information,

We try to provide our customers with the best possible prices on our products. We cannot guarantee that the price will be the lowest in the city/ zone. Prices and availability are subject to change without any prior or notice. The prices depend on our seller. Our seller may modify the prices of the product without any information. Company reserve the right to modify the price of the product as in compliance with the Tax laws of the country. Due to pricing errors (that may occurs) at the time of listing we may modify the prices of the product that you have order and either we may contact you for instructions or cancel your order and notify you for such cancellation by using the email address or mobile no. provided to us by you at the time of placing the order or registration. In case your order is cancel by use after we have proceeded the payment, the full amount will be transferred to your A/c based on your sources of payment.


For the colours, we have made each and every effort to display the exact colour of our products that appears on our site. The actual colour you see depends on your phone / monitor display and any other device; we cannot guarantee the colour as display on your device will be accurate.

Privacy policy

In under any circumstances we never sell or share your personal information to third parties or to any company for their marketing purposes without your permission, consent. We understand and respect your trust on us and appreciate it. We care for the protection of your privacy and your information is important to us and will use your information only as we described in our privacy policy. We store and process your Information on computers located in India and abroad that are protected by physical as well as technological security devices. We use third parties to verify and certify our privacy principles. If you feel unsecured of your personal information or object that your Information is being transferred, you may stop using the Website/app/chat. For more information visit our Privacy Policy.


Users hereby agree to indemnify and hold harmless ORDERx7,its directors,agents,employees,affiliates,third parties, vendors and suppliers from and against all losses, liability claims, damages and /or costs (including reasonable fees and cost) arising from connection with your use of the service / site, including but limited to any information that you post on of the site.


ORDERx7 does not make any representation or Warranty of the product such as quality, value, saleability, etc or service that are proposed to be sold on the site. Company accepts no liability for any errors or omissions, whether on behalf of itself or third parties. ORDERx7 will be able to warranty the product on our site only if the seller/Manufacturer Provide with the warranty of the product.

It is absolutely free of charge to use and access our website. you only pay for your purchases. However if our company charges at any time in future, then users shall be notified in advance.

The company reserves the right to terminate any membership and / or refuse to provide access to the Website if it is brought to the Website’s notice or if it is discovered that the person accessing/using the Website is under the age of 18 years.

The T&C of this site is created and control by orderx7.com.The T&C is written under the rule of Law of India, and We reserve the right to modify these Terms of the website at any time without any prior notification to its users. Users are requested to review our T&C before making an order.